Creating the Code Studio

Design by Brad Wrage

Who are our students?

  • Students were beginners interested in learning how to code.
  • They have little to no formal Computer Science education, but may have been exposed to massive open online courses (MOOCS).
  • While a few students were hobbyists, most students had the goal of transitioning into a programming related role or grow in their current position.

Why create the Code Studio?

What is the Code Studio?

User Journeys

Udacity Code Studio User Journeys
  1. Create Project Flow

Usability Testing

Recording of Usability Testing

Design Iteration

A/B Testing

Our hypothesis was to see an increase in project submission by 33% between the control group (traditional project submissions) to experimental group (Code Studio projects).

What were the results?

A/B Test final results

Key Learnings

How do we give beginner programmers confidence within their earliest experiences at Udacity so they feel excited about continuing their learning journey with us?




Product designer living in Taiwan

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